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SOL EC Ltd. launches a road safety campaign

SOL EC Ltd. launches a road safety campaign


As part of efforts to support the United Nations (UN) in their quest to promote Road Safety awareness, SOL EC Ltd., St. Vincent and the Grenadines has embarked on their own road safety campaign.{{more}}

On Thursday, April 4, the company launched its road safety campaign at the Sunset Shores Hotel conference room.

The campaign, which runs from April to June, will further sensitize drivers on the danger of not driving with a seatbelt, driving under the influence of alcohol, using a cell phone while driving or driving with defective tyres.

SOL General Manager, Steve Francis told members of the media that the main aim of the program is to stabilize or reduce road fatalities by the year 2020.

Francis further stated that SOL endorses the U.N’s “decade of action for road safety” and the need to prevent accidents.

“SOL is happy to partner with other stakeholders to convey the message, which is part of the company’s social responsibility as gas providers.”

Meanwhile, Sales and Marketing Supervisor for SOL in St Vincent John Jacobs explained that that SOL is concerned about the dangers which persons can cause to themselves and other drivers when they fail to pay due care and attention while using the roads.

“The program serves as a reminder for persons to be responsible and buckle up, refrain from the use of cell phones or intoxicating drinks while driving and driving with defective tyres; as these are major accident cause factors.”

Other speakers at Thursday’s launch were Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport Hudson Nedd, Inspector Calvin Glasgow of the Royal St. Vincent Police Force and president of the Taxi Association, Angus Martin.

The men commended SOL for undertaking the initiative, which according to them will be beneficial to all road users throughout the island.

As part of the three month campaign, bumper stickers bearing different slogans relating to road safety will be handed out to drivers upon visiting a Shell branded service station.

“Buckle UP, someone expects you home”, “Hug your family, but buckle them in the car”, and “Engine on, Phone Off!” are some of the messages that will be displayed on these bumper stickers.(AA)