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Former educators honoured at SVGTU 17th Biennial Convention

Former educators honoured at SVGTU 17th Biennial Convention


Two former educators were this week recognized at the 17 biennial convention of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union (SVGTU).{{more}}

At the convention, which took place at the Central Leeward Secondary School at Peters Hope, on Wednesday April 11, former principals Theo Thomas and Bruce Mulraine were cited and presented with plaques by outgoing Union President Ronald Clarke.

Mulraine, who had been an educator for more than forty years, and a member of the union ‘from day one’ to present, was recognized for his service to education over the years.

He was the past principal of a number of schools, including the CW Prescod Primary, Belair Government, Clifton Primary, Fancy Government, Sion Hill and Richmond Government; as well as a member and leader at a number of national associations.

New York based Thomas taught at the Westwood Methodist School before leaving the teaching ranks, following which he was employed at the SVGTU.

He was credited with numerous membership drives and good organizational skills, and was noted as one of the drafters of the union’s first collective agreement.

Both men, on receiving their plaques thanked the union for its gesture, and reaffirmed their dedication to the union.

The men also used the opportunity to call for the re-hiring of Elvis Daniel, Kenroy Johnson and Addison Thomas, who resigned their posts to enter the political ring in the 2010 general elections. (JJ)