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Caesar returns from 32nd FAO Regional Conference for Latin America

Caesar returns from 32nd FAO Regional Conference for Latin America


Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar is now back in the state after attending the 32nd FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.{{more}}

According to the Minister, a number of important issues were discussed that will have an impact on the developmental process of the agricultural sectors in the regions.

Among the issues discussed were Food and Nutrition Security, Disaster/Risk Management and Climate Change; Small Scale Agriculture/ Agricultural Health and Food Safety.

The Minister used the opportunity at the meeting to table the importance of enhancing the capacity and capability of the OECS banana producing islands to address trans-boundary diseases such as Moko and Black Sigatoka and also to reduce the threats of the emerging and invasive species.

One of the salient issues the Minister mentioned is the assistance being received for the Banana Industry in the form of two plant pathologists who specialize in the control and management of Black Sigatoka, the fungal leafspot disease that is now affecting banana farms here in St.Vincent.

Under the auspicies of the FAO and IICA, the two specialists from CIRAD (International Centre for Research and Development in Agriculture) will be in St Vincent from April 17 to 19 to advise the government on matters relating to the control of the disease.