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55-year-old Kingstown Park man robbed, beaten


After being thrown to the ground, stomped on, boxed in the face and having his jewelry stolen, Kingstown Park resident, Malcolm King says he will go about his daily life without stressing about the issue.{{more}}

King spoke with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, April 11, from the veranda of his home, about the incident which occurred on Tuesday, April 3.

He said the attack by two men came as a surprise and he does not wish the same for anyone else.

King said he traverses the same route regularly during his evening walks, but unfortunately for him, trouble lay waiting for him along the way, that Tuesday evening.

“I normally leave here about after 5:00 p.m. and I always keep within an hour, walking a certain route. I did it and I think did a little more (go past the regular hour) and hustling coming up the hill, I recalled that I told my neighbor’s mom that I wanted to see him,” King explained.

According to the 55-year-old who recently lost his mother, he kept checking the time on his watch while hustling back from his walk, because he didn’t want to miss the evening news on television at 7:00 p.m.

“It was within quarter to seven, hustling coming up the hill and not paying attention to anyone or anything and just hustling to get home, and all of a sudden these two guys, a tall one with locks and a shorter one…”

A bit calmer following the incident, King explained that the two individuals approached him as though they were asking for directions. They then surrounded him, he said.

King said that after observing the actions of the two individuals, he became suspicious and asked, “What the hell. Are you trying to rob me?”

After realizing what was happening, King said he tried escaping the two individuals who surrounded him.

In doing so, one of the robbers held him by his left arm and he fell on the ground.

As he fell, the gravel on the road resulted in bruises about his body.

“They threw me on the ground and I guess in the process, where I was thrown down three times, I was cuffed in my face and his knuckle struck me on my cheek bone… but I was able to see the shot coming and was able to draw myself away.

“…I think the plan was to knock me out because they had already taken my gold chain and bangle and maybe were attempting to take the ring on my finger that was given to me by my father,” King added.

The Kingstown Park resident said that he reported the incident to the police and also had to seek medical treatment at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital for injuries he sustained during the robbery.

He commended the police for their quick response which resulted in a vehicle in which the culprits were traveling being “seized” by police.

Police are still investigating the incident.(AA)