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Like father like son: Proclaiming the truths of the gospel without apology

Like father like son:  Proclaiming the truths of the gospel without apology


A father and his son, two generations, sharing not only the same name, Blake, but a consuming passion and commitment to serve God and bring the nation into the family of Christ.{{more}}

This is evident in the work of Pastors Veral and Allister Blake, and the ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel, St Vincent.

Pastor Veral Blake, who has more than 40 years of ministry in St Vincent and the Grenadines as a Pastor, church planter and host of the popular gospel radio show programmes AFC Radio Broadcast, Children’s Radio Bible Club and recent TV program Reconciliation, brings experience, wisdom and direction to the team.

Following in his father’s footsteps is Pastor Allister Blake. Pastor Al, as he is affectionately known, recently returned from years of seminary training in the United States. With the necessary training, experience, support and resources, he was instrumental in planting a Harvest Bible Chapel Church here on mainland St Vincent.

Through this unique set of skills and experience, Pastor Al brings fresh ideas to the ministry and a desire to push the norms of traditional Vincentian church life into a new realm of Christian living while proclaiming the positional truths of the gospel without apology; and nudging people of all walks of life outside their comfort zone into a growing relationship with Jesus and each other.

In only its second year, this unique father-son team has observed extraordinary results through the ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel Church. The assembly has flourished from a launch team of 25 persons, into a thriving body of believers with more than 150 gathering to worship each Sunday at the Aquatic Club in Villa.

The church is not the only area that has been growing according to these men of God. They themselves have matured with life changing growth.

The elder Blake reported, “My faith has been greatly expanded and my passiveness has been replaced with boldness as a result of ministering in partnership with my son.” He also revealed that he has learned immensely from his son and in his 42 years of ministry has never experienced God at work like what he has witnessed at Harvest Bible Chapel.

As senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, Al Blake explained “There is amazing unity where we learn from each other,” and continued, “as we team up on everything from weddings and funerals to decision making and leadership training, my confidence has only increased.”

Pastor Al went on to say, “It is good to know I have someone who genuinely loves and cares about me and whom I can turn to when needs arise.”

Veral Blake concluded that this is just the beginning of what God will do, using this father-son team to stir each other on to deeper devotion and service to the Lord.

This Paul-Timothy model played out with a father-son doing ministry together is rarely seen in ministry and even more so in St Vincent and the Grenadines. It is evident that God is at work at Harvest Bible Chapel, St Vincent!