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Woman claims man tormented her for years

Woman claims man tormented her for years


Diane Bobb says that she has been tormented for years at the hands of her neighbour Sandford Gurley.{{more}}

The Richland Park mother of four told SEARCHLIGHT that when she stabbed him earlier this week, her actions were in self defence.

“I want to know if I did come to meet one of them children dead, people wouldn’t ah say nuttin’ or if they been meet me dead, what dem would ah say?”

“I thought that was the end of my life,” the woman told SEARCHLIGHT in an interview on Wednesday.

Bobb admitted to stabbing Gurley, after she said she discovered the man in her house.

According to the woman, she and her young son were alone at home last Sunday, March 25.

Her three older daughters were out, and Bobb said that she had turned in for the night.

She said that it was sometime after 9:00 and she and her son were already in bed when she heard a sound coming from an unfinished section of her house, close to her bedroom.

At first she said that she was not sure what it was, thinking that it may have been a dog, but then the sound became constant and she decided to investigate.

That was when she said that she saw a silhouette of a person in a stooping position.

But still, she contends that she did not know it was Gurley, because it had been a while since he had come around her property.

“I didn’t know it was him. If I been only know he been dey, I don’t know what I would ah do,” the woman told SEARCHLIGHT.

After seeing the shadow, she said she called out and Gurley stood up and brandished a cutlass and said to her “either ah f… you or yo life.”

The woman said she got closer to the man and reached for a knife, and inflicted the first wound to Gurley in the stomach area.

After doing that, she said that she ran off, and that Gurley came behind her, raising the cutlass as if to chop her; that was when she said she stabbed the man a second time and ran for help from neighbours.

Bobb also contends that Gurley was naked, and is adamant that the man entered her home with the intention to cause harm to her or her children.

She added that she could have probably done more damage, but became nervous.

Her daughters have been living in fear because of Gurley, Bobb said.

“Several times that man come around ah me place,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

On one occasion, she said that he threatened her three-year-old son and on another, Gurley came into the house naked before one of her daughters was able to get him out of the house.

“I always having problems with he,” Bobb said, adding that she has made at least five reports to the Mesopotamia Police Station.

“He does cuss almost every day, but nobody don’t study he because everybody tell them self that he crazy.”

The incident has her feeling nervous, the woman said, but said that she has the support of those living around her.

But still she says that she is afraid of what he may do after he is released from the hospital.

Moving out may not be the best option, because she said that she has a mortgage on her property.

Bobb said that she is just waiting to hear what further will come out of the matter.

Meanwhile, Gurley in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, while a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital maintained that he hardly communicated with Bobb, saying that he does not know why she attacked him.

He also contended that he was not in any way a trouble maker.

Bobb had been briefly detained by police, but was released shortly after.