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King – Creech had a passion for bikes and biking

King – Creech had a passion for bikes and biking


Members of the regional biking fraternity are expected to be represented here, when the funeral of former Cool Riderz president Edgerton ‘Creech’ Wood takes place next week.{{more}}

The body of Wood, 60, of Arnos Vale, was found just off the New Grounds public road during the early hours of Sunday March 25.

According to a police report, the businessman was riding his motorcycle PM 713, which reportedly ran off the road and over an embankment into a river.

Current President of the Cool Riderz Motorcycle Club, Jacqueline King informed SEARCHLIGHT that the foreign motorcyclists have indicated their desire to come and pay their respects to Wood, who would be laid to rest on Wednesday, April 4.

Local bikers along with family members and well wishers on Tuesday this week, journeyed to the area where Creech lost his life, for a candle light vigil in memory of the fallen biker, who co-owned the local branch of the Square Deal Shippers Inc.

Earlier this week, King said that Wood’s passion for bikes and biking led to not only the revolution of the sport, but also the outreach programs which he, as president of the club and other pioneers initiated.

“Under his presidency and with the support of Audrey and me, we brought on board a difference to biking, in that it was not only about riding, it was also about providing community service; we started monthly food baskets, blood pressure, blood sugar checks, back to school programs which went very well.”

“He was the one that took biking to St. Lucia and to Grenada along with the other members of the club.”

“His passion was also getting the young riders to know the discipline that it took for the man and the machine.

Describing Wood as a very disciplined and skillful motorcyclist, King said that she was puzzled as to how or why the veteran biker could have gotten into a mishap.

Without speculating, she pointed out that there were a number of factors that could have led to a crash; including the road and Wood’s personal conditions.

“I’m not sure what were the factors that could have contributed to that… but he was one of the fellas who understood how to take a corner on a bike. I’ve ridden with him; there’s nothing to touch him when it comes to that.”

King remembered fondly her last encounter with the father of four, which was at the funeral of another veteran biker, and noted that the memory of her close friend would live on; not only for his friendship, but also due to his contribution to the sport they both loved dearly.

“He had a thing he always used to say: ‘Things Nice’”.

“He always wanted to see the sport of biking go forward, and to help and represent where and whenever able.”

“The sport has evolved; but has a long way to go.”