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Inland Revenue Department holds Heroes’ Tea

Inland Revenue Department holds Heroes’ Tea


Retired employees of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) have been advised on how to keep themselves active and healthy during their years of retirement.{{more}}

This advice came from physician Dr. Lennox Adams, who was the guest speaker at the Inland Revenue Department’s Heroes Tea. The event, which occurred on Tuesday, March 27, 2012, at the IRD, recognized retired employees as Heroes of the department who paved the way for future employees.

Adams advised the retirees that they must ensure that they are physically, psychologically and financially prepared for retirement.

“If we are to retire and live healthily for the rest of our lives, there must be some ground work laid…” Adams said. He added that persons must be psychologically prepared to retire as in some cases, persons cannot let go of their jobs.

“There are some people who retire and keep coming back to the office for the next few weeks or months,” Adams stated.

He added that because of lack of preparation for retirement, some may feel useless.

“Because they have not prepared, they find themselves useless or so it seems. They find themselves suddenly waking up with nothing to do, no where to go and they feel useless,” Adams said.

He advised persons to find a hobby in order to keep them occupied while at home, but also something that can make them financially stable. In preparing financially for retirement, Adams advised persons to ensure that they have some financial backing if they are in a job that offers no pension plan.

“If you know that your job is not pensionable and you have known that for the past 20 to 25 years, and you are going to retire…you should have put something in place to make sure that you are financially able to go into retirement.” Adams said.

He further encouraged persons to take stock of their health at an early age, right into retirement. Adams stated that persons deteriorate with age and that they must develop certain healthy habits to ensure that they live long and healthy lives. He encouraged persons at the event to engage in regular exercise, at least three times a day for at least 30 minutes per day, to eat healthy foods, eating less carbohydrates and fatty foods, more fruits and vegetables, and to have regular doctor visits.

He also advised that persons report problems with their bodies to the doctor as soon as it is noticed. Adams stated that persons may notice something wrong with their bodies and may not report it to a doctor until it is too late. Adams added that the earlier illnesses are reported the easier they are to be cured.

Comptroller of the Inland Revenue Kelvin Pompey, also speaking at the event, expressed thanks to the retirees. He thanked them for their hard work and other contributions made to the department, adding that the department would have not been what it is today without their contribution.