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Craigg’s dream of owning a new home becomes reality

Craigg’s dream of owning a new home becomes reality


Lennox Craigg of Evesham has faced many challenges in his life. These challenges, he professes, have not hindered him from being able to acquire his own home.{{more}}

The dilapidated structure, lacking essential amenities, which he occupied for many years is now a thing of the past. He is now able to move into his one bedroom wall structure, complete with toilet and bath, kitchen and living room.

A community effort on the part of area representative and Deputy Prime Minister Girlyn Miguel has allowed for Craigg to have a house to call his own.

Miguel stated that as Vincentian citizens we must be kind to our fellowman and lend a helping hand always instead of doubt. She further added that Craigg is a lot happier today to see one of his dreams a reality and expressed sincerest thanks to Coreas Hazells Inc, Moulton Mayers Architects, the Ministry of Housing, Errol Peters and team, Courts St Vincent, Mortie Gordon and others who have assisted with Craigg’s project.

Joel Providence, C.E.O of Coreas Hazells Inc., a major contributor to the building project, stated that understanding a company’s social and moral responsibility to the fabric of the nation, coupled with his company’s track record for assisting those less fortunate, is an ideal example of corporate obligation. He further stressed the importance of private sector involvement in assisting where possible and noted that the kind patronage of the consumers over numerous years have made it possible for his company to continuously give back to the community. He added that Coreas’ readiness to assist Mr. Lennox Craigg with the building of a homeshould not come as a surprise.

Craigg was handed the keys to his house on March 24, 2012.