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Autopsy report confirms Lockhart died from strangulation

Autopsy report confirms Lockhart died from strangulation


Family members of slain Rose Bank woman Lafrone Lockhart have blasted a number of local media houses, who they claimed circulated incorrect and derogatory information about their relative.{{more}}

Five days after the 22-year-old woman’s lifeless body was discovered in an area known as Catty Beach, between Rose Bank and Petit Bordel, Lafrone’s mother Furline and sister Cathy-Ann visited SEARCHLIGHT’S office to set the record straight, and seek assistance in finding their relative’s killer or killers.

The women lamented that one newspaper carried incorrect coverage in its edition of Friday, March 23, while a popular radio station spoke negatively about Lafrone.

“The (newspaper) have false information talking ‘bout the girl throat get slash. I don’t think they should have that in the paper; they should try and get the right information and not say such thing,” her sister lamented.

“They have she on (radio station) saying that she retarded; my sister wasn’t retarded; she did just have a little disability, because a retarded person can’t go shop and make message, they can’t go and sell.

“She was slow, but she could cook for she self, she could bathe she self and she could wash for she self. The only thing she didn’t do was comb she hair.”

The women pointed out that the autopsy report confirmed that Laforne’s death was due to strangulation. She was also sexually assaulted, her sister claimed.

Furline and Cathy-Ann also revealed that because of Lafrone’s mental challenges, she was usually taken advantage of, and was frequently the victim of sexual assault.

When the family members were informed of the injustice and questioned Lafrone about the matter, she would refuse to say who the perpetrators were.

This time around, Lafrone’s sister believes that she had possibly threatened to tell on the culprit, and that may be the reason she was killed.

“I believe that the reason why the person kill she is because as the rain was coming, she skin had dirt on it and if she go round in the village, everybody going and ask she what happen to her and then she gonna say ‘is such and such do it….”

The women suspect that whoever killed Lafrone may be from around the area, and may have had their eyes on the woman.

Lafrone was remembered by the women as a very friendly individual, who, despite family misunderstandings, was well liked by everyone.

Lafrone was also the mother of an eight-year-old girl.

Furline and Cathy-Ann are appealing to the public to come forward with any information which could lead to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for her death.

“We would like for the person who do this to give up themselves and if there is anybody who is able to assist us, come and give us or the police the information.”

So said Lafrone’s mother, as she explained that the family is still trying to come to grips with her third child’s death.

“Up to now I just can’t get over this; every time I picture my daughter, it really hurt my heart. I can’t cook, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep.”

One individual was detained and questioned by police in relation to the crime, but was later released.(JJ)