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All Saints treats Vincentians with free medical check-ups

All Saints treats  Vincentians with free medical check-ups


Vincentians were given advice on ways to improve their health, as the All Saints University Students and Professors, held their first Health Fair.{{more}} The Fair took place on the grounds of the Ministry of Transport and Works on Saturday, March 24, 2012.

President of the student government at the University Raquel Creese,told SEARCHLIGHT on Saturday that the students, professors and other members of the general public who attended the fair were having a ‘wonderful day’.

Those in attendance at the fair had their blood pressure, blood glucose, vision and Body Mass Indices checked. They were also provided with information on Family Planning and Nutrition and also given spa treatments by the Oasis Spa.

Creese added that the fair was one way for the university to give back to the nation.

“The fair is about helping Vincentians to develop and maintain their health. Because we realize with the progressive issue of health in the nation, we, the All Saints students decided we can give back to the nation by doing this free health check-up today,” Creese stated.

She also stated that the students can also motivate Vincentians to improve their health.

Creese explained that persons who had their Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose level and Body Mass Indices checked consulted with All Saints University Doctors who recommended measures to be taken to improve their levels. She added that the feedback from persons attending the fair was phenomenal.

“People were here since 8 o’ clock; we were supposed to start at nine. We had people here waiting on us and they were so excited. We are just so happy that the people are so enthusiastic to be with us, because we are so happy to be with them also,” she said.

Creese stated that the university hopes to have another fair sometime soon, within six months or perhaps, they may make the event an annual one.