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Stapleton eyes set on being Commissioner of Police

Stapleton eyes set on being Commissioner of Police


With his eyes on the ultimate prize, Police Constable 604 Aleea Stapleton acknowledged that he is taking the steps he believes are necessary to become the Commissioner of Police of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

Stapleton gave thanks to God, the Commissioner of Police, the head of his department, along with staff members, as he received recognition for being the University College of the Caribbean’s most outstanding student of the last semester.

“I’d like to thank God, because His mercies kept me. This is part of my achievement. I have something to prove to myself and I want to make my promotion to be Commissioner. I want to make my mark.”

Stapleton, who has been in the force for four years, is currently assigned to the Special Services Unit (SSU).

Originally from Rose Hall, the former Petit Bordel Secondary School student is working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller, who was at the brief presentation ceremony which took place in his office, indicated that he was proud of the statement made by Stapleton, and applauded the officer for his ambition.

“That is very strong language, and this is what the Commissioner preaches about everyday; don’t tell me about years of service; tell me about performance, and I keep telling these young people prove yourself, don’t wait.

“We have the Accelerated Promotion Policy in place, which he has made a step in that direction…. Let us say four years down the road this young man comes out with his degree; in eight years at least (he is) Inspector to start with.”

“A young man with that type of thinking, foresight and ambition is headed for that chair, once he continues with that type of mentality,” (pointing to his seat).

Local representative for the UCC Camille Crichton pointed out that Stapleton had earned a B (72%) grade in the fall semester, which began in September last year.

She said that his enthusiasm and his encouragement to other students were some of the reasons he was being recognized by the institution.

“Since Aleea registered for this program, he showed so much interest in his studies; following up on questions pertaining to the course. He is committed and dedicates his time to studies, and also has a 100 per cent attendance to date.”

Crichton also thanked the Commissioner for his personal interest in the courses, and said that his encouragement to the officers involved in the studies has been a tower of strength to them.

There are currently 14 police officers studying with the UCC, as well as three civilians attached to the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.

27 persons are presently pursuing studies at the local leg of the UCC.(JJ)