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‘Ole George’ to launch book

‘Ole George’ to launch book


Practical Approaches to Lovemaking – A Handbook for Novice

On Saturday April 14, the book “Practical approaches To lovemaking – A Handbook For Novice Couples” Will be launched at Friends Of Crown Heights in Brooklyn, New York.{{more}} The book, published by and written by Earl ‘Ole George’ Daniel, has already received several favourable reviews and has the potential to do very well on the world market.

Practical Approaches to Lovemakling – A Handbook for Novice Couples, is a thought provoking and equally stimulating book, designed to challenge readers to think outside the box and to become more creative and spontaneous, according to the author, and a perfect book for those who have never been in a serious relationship, but would like to know what it takes to keep the other person interested and excited.

There are other book launches scheduled for Toronto and Washington, and the book will also be available at the famous Vincy picnic held every year in Ontario in the month of July.

Tickets to the book launch can be had at 347-262-8014 (Joanne Legair), 718-758-2416 (Verna Arthur), 718-986-7563 (Gailene Windsor), 917-856-9722 (Garnes Byron), 917-495-7796 (Ainsley Primus) and Margaret Farrell 917-509-4840. The price of the ticket is $25.00, which entitles the buyer to an autographed copy of the book and special refreshments. The event begins at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 9:00 p.m.

The Book is also available on for USD$14.99.