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Leacock: Youth are the bedrock of our society

Leacock: Youth are the bedrock of our society


The Parliamentary Representative for Central Kingstown has lamented the low turnout of uniformed groups at the Wreath Laying Ceremony for National Heroes Day last week,{{more}} and called for greater commitment to the youth.

St. Clair Leacock, who was at the time delivering greetings on behalf of Leader of the Opposition, said when he observed the less than three dozen “uniformed members of our youthful community” present at the ceremony, the contrast stands out.

“They in fact are the bedrock of our society. They are the ones upon which our country and nation would be moulded. Yet so often they may be taken for granted.”

He said in contrast, if there were a dance hall event later in the day at Heritage Square or at Victoria Park, and there were to be an “interruption or disturbance”, “there is another national instinct which we would much prefer to ignore or regret that will show itself”.

He, therefore, advised persons in positions of authority that they could best demonstrate their love for “the Chatoyers, the Catos, the Joshuas, the Mitchells… and others to come” by the quality of life of the people and their commitment to build future generations.

The Wreath Laying Ceremony was held at the Chatoyer obelisk at Dorsetshire Hill on March 14.