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SVG Insurance Institute Risk Management visit to ECGC

SVG  Insurance Institute Risk Management visit to ECGC


Wednesday, March 7, was a dusty day for a committed group of insurance Professionals, when members of the SVG Insurance Institute visited the Flour Mill at ECGC, Campden Park.{{more}}

The management of ECGC kindly agreed to facilitate this visit, in which the insurance underwriters and brokers learned first-hand about the Risk Management procedures which are necessary for a Manufacturing Industry in SVG.

During the tour of the Flour Mill, the highly- interested visitors were ably-conducted by Fitzroy Holder, a veteran of 33 years experience, whose career started in 1978.

Holder answered the constant questions from the keen profssionals who were learning the process, as well as identifying potential Risks and Hazards and the solutions which have been achieved. The focus was mainly on the risks of Property Damage, Product Liability, and Employee Injury.

Risk Management visits of this nature are a regular feature of insurance training worldwide, helping insurance personnel to understand the Risks which affect businesses of all types.

The local Insurance Institute recently held an enjoyable similar visit to St Vincent Brewery Ltd, and others will follow, in addition to the regular Guest Speakers at lunchtime meetings.

Local Fire Service chief ASP Isaiah Browne last week addressed a very keen Institute audience on the Dangers of Fire, and ways to control these.

President of the local Cancer Society Dr Wayne Murray has kindly agreed to speak at the next lunchtime meeting.

When the Insurance Institute holds its AGM on Wednseday, March 21, the new President and Council will be able to continue a successful format, which includes Training Courses and the popular Radio Program “Let’s Talk Insurance”.