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Local songwriters now better equipped for their writing careers

Local songwriters now better equipped for their writing careers


Following a week of sleepless nights teaming up with some of the world’s better known music producers, nine aspiring Vincentian song writers are now better equipped to embark on their own song writing careers.{{more}}

During the period March 5 to 9, twenty-one individuals, nine of whom are Vincentian, participated in the second Invest SVG’s International Songwriters’ Camp.

The nine local talents are: Amanda Gooding, Lil Pain (Keith Currency), Mr Retail (Colin Browne), Kamal Archibald, Jo Jo (Joel Jack), Desmond Dennie, Young Quincy, Mark Cyrus and Candy Gloster.

The week long session, held at the Buccament Bay resort, saw the songwriters teaming with local and foreign producers of varying genres of music to create and record a number of new musical pieces.

Among the visiting producers were: Max Gousse (Head of A&R department of Island Def Jam Music Group), Ivan Berry (Managing Partner of Tanjola Entertainment), Alja Jackson (American Singer/Songwriter), Zac Poor (American singer/songwriter), Sean ‘Neenyo’ Seaton (Canadian songwriter/producer), Rosin ‘Soaky Siren’ Russell (Bahamian songwriter), Alan ‘Nglish’ Kasirye (Ugandan born- English producer), Ursula ‘Urs Verse’ Yancy (American singer/songwriter), Rob ‘Tron’ Wells (Canadian producer), Chad ‘Beats’ Burnette (American producer), Rupert Gayle (Canadian songwriter) and Ayanna Howard (American songwriter).

Following the five days of creative work, approximately 30 songs were recorded, which according to the organizers may be considered for major recording artistes associated with Def Jam Records.

During the closing ceremony held on Friday, March 9, at the Buccament Bay Resort, the song writers and producers all expressed satisfaction with the week’s activities.

Local music producer Mark Cyrus, beaming smiles of satisfaction, hailed the workshop a success and noted that there is talent to be explored in

St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Director of Culture within the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture Anthony Theobalds said Vincentians posses a lot of talent and should take advantage of opportunities such as the workshop.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of Invest SVG Cleo Huggins described the work shop as a ‘big thing” for the St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“It is a big thing for St Vincent and the Grenadines because in a small island economy you can’t compete on very many other levels. To be able to draw on your culture and your intellectual capabilities to actually produce something that has such amazing value is indeed something that we should be proud of and a resource that we should be able to mine effectively and sustainably and make it work for the benefit of the country,” Huggins told the gathering.

Following the closing ceremony, members of the media were given a tour of the five temporary studios that were set up at the resort.

The media also had to opportunity to hear some of the music written by the local and international song writers. As the delegation stopped by each room, persons were seen bopping their heads to the sample tracks, a sign that the music heard was catchy and of good quality.

The workshop was made possible through contributions by the Buccament Bay Resort, the Ministry of Culture, Mountain Top Springs Ltd, SVG Distillers, Vincyfresh and Invest SVG.(AA)