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LIME begins to lay fibre optic cables


This country’s premium full service provider has embarked on a project to lay fiber optic cable around Kingstown. The entire project is expected to cost in excess of $700,000.{{more}}

The first phase of the project has begun and will cover the route from the LIME main office and throughout the length and breadth of Kingstown. This phase will cost the company over three hundred thousand dollars and Rudy Electronically was awarded this contract. The contract will run for one month and will employ several Vincentians. Phase two of the project will begin in June and will close the loop of this fiber ring.

“Fiber to the curb is going an ongoing project and we will deliver this various services throughout the country in the near future. Our policies and objectives are generally aligned with vision of the government and expected business development throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The huge thrust for ICT development has chart the course for fiber to the curb. These improvements to our network come at a high capital cost and are mainly driven by customer demands. LIME has been around from the inception of telecommunications and customers have grown to trust our ability to deliver high quality service. In this regard, we are working on some products that customers have been demanding for some time now; a project delayed for the best but to ensure we put the appropriate network in place to deliver not better but the best picture quality or should I say service to our customers. We will make some announcements in due course on these products,” said General Manager Leslie Jack.

The project will deliver higher bandwidth at affordable cost which will directly impact all sectors such as government, general commercial businesses and residential.

“This project has been on the horizon for a while and it is great that we are now able to deliver this project at this time when there is a growing demand for higher bandwidth. Of course, it will improve the customer experience since the demand for bandwidth is customer driven and we have always sought to meet our customer’s demands. When LIME delivers television or should I say various services, which are being worked on now, fiber to the curb will vastly improve overall service quality. There will be minor disruptions to traffic since the road surface will be broken in parts but the project will cover resurfacing of the broken road surface.” said Project Manager Anthony Balcombe.

The nature of the work entails laying of ducts and cables, and when finished will provide for better efficiency for customers requesting multiple services. The work will be conducted only on weekends from midday Saturday to Sunday night.