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First Pre-Hero’s Day Rally held in Owia

First Pre-Hero’s Day Rally held in Owia


The Owia Point Community Partnership Group (OPCPG) held the first ever Pre-Hero’s Day Rally in Owia last Saturday, March 10, 2012.{{more}} The theme of the event: “Revisiting the Life Our First National Hero Excellency Chief Paramount Joseph Chatoyer”.

A release from the organization said the OPCPG hosted the event as an initiative to promote community spirit around our heritage and for young people to be educated about the importance of the heritage within the community of Owia. “Joseph Chatoyer lived in Owia and that is why the people of the village feel a special connection to his history. There are many historical landmarks that speak to this importance like Bloody Bridge, Chateau, and the magazine where weapons were hid. It is important for the OPCPG that these landmarks are preserved as well as cultural heritage. The rally was a first step to ensuring the preservation of such important items,” the release said.

Historian Adrian Fraser was the featured speaker who gave a brief history on the life of our first national hero. Patricia Fraser was also a guest speaker commenting on the importance of communities preserving their heritage with events like this one. The OPCPG also hosted cultural performances such as the Punta and Quadrille dances performed by community members.

The Fancy Government School also participated by performing cultural songs at the rally. The OPCPG plans to make this an annual event to further strengthen community and cultural pride around the heritage and history of Owia.