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Caesar takes a close look at Arrowroot in SVG

Caesar takes a close look at Arrowroot in SVG


Even as the Minstry of Agriculture tackles the problem of the Black Sigatoka in the Banana Industry, Minister Saboto Caesar and his staff are also addressing other areas in the agricultural sector.{{more}}

On Monday, March 12, the Minister met with the Manager and members of the Board of Directors of the Arrowroot Industry Association. The meeting was held to look at the current status of the Industry that once held its own as an important contributor to the economy of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The discussions were centered around the following: An assessment of the current operations of the Arrowroot Industry; Pricing structure for the purchasing and sales of the rhizomes and starch respectively; Input availability and supply for farmers; Mechanization for the operations of planting and harvesting; The current buyers and their role in the development of the industry.

Caesar in his summation informed the members that the next step will be the development and implementation of a strategic plan for further development of the industry. This will be preceded by an analysis of the sector. To this end, the Minister has scheduled a meeting with all stakeholders in the Arrowroot Industry in April to have their input in the development and implementation of the plan; a plan which he says must have at its core the price paid to farmers.

The association has already commenced the harvesting of the 84 acres of arrowroot planted in 2011.