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Bequia Young Writers ready to entertain SVG

Bequia Young Writers ready to entertain SVG


Hi, we are the Bequia Young Writers and we love to write stories and poems to entertain you.{{more}} We meet on Saturday mornings from 10:00 am to 12 noon and we welcome you to come. We meet at Level in Bequia at Uncle Ray’s and Auntie Dawn’s home. We play games, eat, play music and of course, we write, write, and write until all of our ideas are on paper. In the future we are planning on hikes, field trips and picnics.

So if you see us out and about in Bequia,do as the islanders do and “Shout Us”.

We would love it if you could come and visit us to teach us more about writing or just come and write with us.

You can contact us at 784-430-1019 or e mail us a [email protected]