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‘Hairoun Life at Ease’ launched


It could have been an average day across St.Vincent. Rather, March 6 marked the official launch of two major activities by Hairoun Beer.{{more}}

The first being the launch of the newest “Under the Crown (UTC)” promotion dubbed “Hairoun Life at ease”. The Hairoun Life at ease promotion is scheduled to be an eight-week promotion giving beer drinkers the opportunity to win instant prizes such as groceries, phone credit and Hairoun beer. Up to $25 000 in groceries compliments CK Greaves and $50 000 free phone credit compliments Digicel are available to be won.

The Hairoun Life at Ease promotion also involves two sweepstakes for the latest buzz in telecommunications, two blackberry handsets and three months data plan.

To commemorate the official launch of the promotion, Heritage Square was transformed into a ‘mix-pot’ of entertainment from about 5:00 p.m on Tuesday. Persons were given chances to win great prizes, including cricket tickets, groceries, phone credit, Hairoun beer, and much more.

“The yearly promotions put on by Hairoun always cater to the everyday needs of its patrons, offering an element of practicality in every prize; in light of the current unstable economic conditions” commented Regional Commercial Manager, St.Vincent Brewery, Shafia London.