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Eustace – Antigua meet none of PM’s business

Eustace – Antigua meet none of PM’s business


A meeting in Antigua between members of the New Democratic Party (NDP) and other persons had nothing to do with a No Confidence motion. As a matter of fact, it’s not the even the business of the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

While NDP President Arnhim Eustace does not deny that members of his party spoke to persons overseas, he told SEARCHLIGHT that allegations made by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves are just guesses, because he wants to find out what was discussed.

“If we want to bring a no confidence motion, we don’t have to go anywhere to do that; it’s done right here.”

“In the first case, we had a private meeting, and it had nothing to do with a no confidence vote. That is not his business. He is just throwing out things.”

At a press conference on Monday, March 5, which was held at Cabinet Room, Gonsalves, disclosed that members of the NDP met with financiers in Antigua, where among other topics, the issue of a no confidence motion was raised.

“I want to say to the people of this country that the intelligence that I have on this is impeccable….

“Arising out of these discussions and following up on imitation elsewhere, the NDP promised that they will bring a no confidence motion in the government. They intend to file it sometime soon.”

“Of course, you can always bring a vote of no confidence; but the question is: is it no confidence in the government or a no confidence in the leadership in Arnhim Eustace?” the Prime Minister added.

According to Eustace, calls are being made by NDP supporters for a vote of no confidence against the Gonsalves led administration, but it has not been agreed, if the opposition will make that move.

He indicated that the next parliamentary assembly, which takes place on March 26, is the one time this year that a motion of no confidence can be made, according to the laws of parliament. But even if one was brought forward, the government would find a way to ensure that it wasn’t debated.

“In the third sitting of parliament, the Opposition can bring its own motion; but what has been happening over the years… we are never able to debate in parliament, because they either put in a lot of other motions before ours, because we can’t debate under the rules after five o’clock.

“So they usually full up the agenda with things so we can’t debate a motion. We haven’t been able to debate a motion in 11 years.”

The Prime Minister also alleged at his press conference that because of desperation, one of the foreign investors at the meeting raised the idea of monitoring the conversations of the Prime Minister and others.

“Well since you can’t come outside my office and you can’t come to my bedroom window, I leave it to your imagination as to how I could be monitored. I myself do not know of any legitimate way in which I could be monitored, but I could be educated.”

“I am not making an aspersions that anyone is going to do anything illegal, but I would like to be advised on how this is going to be done.”

“I am telling you, and they would want to know how the Comrade know,” Gonsalves stated.

Eustace reacted with counter-allegations of his own, saying: “He’s trying to find out what’s being discussed… I don’t know who he has at the table.”

He, however, said he strongly believes that efforts are being made to “tap as many phones as possible.”