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Three win Customs television raffle

Three win Customs television raffle


Not very often will you receive a phone call saying you have just won yourself a new LCD television. However, for Noel Simmons, Theresa Nash and June Cato, that’s exactly what happened recently.{{more}}

On Saturday, March 3, the lucky three were drawn as winners of the Customs and Excise Association television raffle.

All smiles, the three winners showed up at the Customs and Excise office on Monday, when they were presented with their prizes.

Simmons, a resident of Edinboro, took the top prize of a 50” flat screen LCD. The second prize of a 42” LCD television went to Villa resident, Theresa Nash, while June Cato of Kingstown Park took third prize of a 32” LCD television.

Upon receiving their prizes, the three winners stated that this was the first time they had ever won a raffle and thanked the organizers for awarding them the opportunity to win such great prizes.

Meanwhile, President of the Customs and Excise Association Sandra Noel said the money earned from the raffle will be used for the continued development of the Association, as well as their sponsorship programs of giving unfortunate children the opportunity to go to school.(AA)