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Commissioner calls on public to report delinquent officers


Commissioner of Police Keith Miller is calling on members of the public to report delinquent officers.{{more}}

Miller, speaking at fourth anniversary celebrations of the Pan against Crime initiative at Chateaubelair last Sunday, February 26, said that there were some officers who demonstrated inherent bad behaviour, and that when persons called to make a report, these officers would refuse to respond, citing the unavailability of transport or the lack of sufficient man power.

“I think that is very irresponsible of these policemen,” the COP said.

He added that the challenge now was to get more officers to come around and be more respectful.

“It is not the public’s business what we have and how we get there,” he said, adding that there was a system in place in the event that a transport is not readily available for officers to respond to a call.

“We are public servants and we have to provide that service, even if it means running there to deal with your report,” he continued.

He advised members of the public to report such incidents to him, or one of the other high ranking officers within the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.

He said such situations were embarrassing and that he wanted to put an end to the problem.

“We want to be there at your service,” Miller explained.

He encouraged members of the general public to continue to be the eyes and ears in the various communities.

“Together, we can clean the police force of dishonesty and disloyalty,” he said, adding that there were officers who gave excuses not to respond to calls made by the public.

He said that the police will soon begin a series of consultations across the country.

“We want to see and hear of the level of respect [people are] getting from the police,” Miller said.