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Cane End Gov’t gets Library

Cane End Gov’t gets Library


The Literacy programme at the Cane End Government School (CEGS) received a major enhancement with the establishment of a library at that institution, which was officially opened on Monday, February 27.{{more}}

According to Rouna Burke, Literacy Coordinator at the school, it is the philosophy of the CEGS that all students can succeed.

“Thus we provide a supportive and stimulating environment for the development of Literacy,” she explained.

This prompted the establishment of a library at the school, Burke said.

“Today we feel proud of what we have accomplished, because we have a pride for literacy. Our trust is that all students succeed,” she continued.

Headteacher Ave Weekes-Stephens said that the goal of having a library in the school was a personal one for her, ever since taking up her appointment at the CEGS.

This grew after the diagnostics test revealed that a large portion of students were reading far below their level.

She then came up with ways to turn this around, and then Jessica Greathouse was assigned to the school.

Greathouse, a Peace Corps volunteer, has been credited with putting together the donations, with the help of friends and family back in the United States, Burke explained.

“The goal was to enhance the literacy programme, and the library became my personal task, Greathouse said.

“The project did not start overnight. It started over a year ago,” she said.

The students of Grade 6 got involved writing letters and making videos so that persons outside the community would be able to see what was going on, she said.

The library was officially opened as the school commences its week of activities to commemorate literacy.

This year, the focus will be on students who have problems reading.

Olivia Da Silva, former Education Officer and Teacher at the School, in her keynote address said that in today’s world, it was crucial that students be kept abreast with the latest developments taking place worldwide.

This could be achieved by reading, she said.

According to Da Silva, the same passion they had developed for their netbooks, it was with the same passion they should adopt for books and reading.

“Books are treasures. Dig in. Value them.”

She, however, cautioned the students, saying that they needed to choose what books they read wisely.

“Read books that will help you with your education,” she said.