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Bush ‘melee’ to hit airwaves across Vincy

Bush ‘melee’ to hit airwaves across Vincy


Fire, drama and passion are pulled together in a bush melee that will hit the St Vincent airwaves from Wednesday, 29 February at 5:15 pm on St Vincent and the Grenadines Radio NBC (89.7/90.7/107.5 FM).{{more}}

Bush Melee is a new local radio mini drama about love, life and livelihoods around St Vincent. Tune in to meet our characters, from Mavis, a jewelry maker who is struggling to single-handedly look after her six children, to Mr Pappyshow, who is known by all for his bad attitude and taste for rum.

As listeners follow the fast paced twists and turns in the characters’ lives, important values around our relationship to the environment become clear, from the negative impact of slash and burning on the forest and the importance of a healthy environment, to being able to put food on the dinner table of our families.

Bush Melee will be aired as part of a broader radio magazine, Bush Talk, that discusses issues of how to use the forests and its resources in ways that will make sure we can continue to get food and clean water for our children’s generations.

Bush Talk and Bush Melee have been developed as part of a workshop that was facilitated by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Department of Forestry, CANARI and PCI-Media Impact, held in early October in Kingstown, St Vincent, that involved eleven representatives of local civil society organizations and state agencies that work in areas related to forest management.

Bush Talk and Bush Melee were both written and produced during this workshop to focus on local values and issues in St Vincent and the Grenadines. These efforts are part of overall public education and outreach efforts funded by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (UNFAO) to promote community involvement in forest management to benefit local livelihoods. Participants in the programme also gained hands-on experience in how to use entertainment education that they can use later in their individual organizations for their public education activities.

The four episodes of Bush Talk and Bush Melee will be coming to the airwaves across St Vincent and the Grenadines from Wednesday 29 February at 5:15 pm on Radio NBC (89.7/90.7/107.5 FM).