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Quick action by Harry may have saved crash victim

Quick action by Harry may have saved crash victim


Swift thinking and action by Golden Vale resident Gregory Harry may have saved the life of Sherman Soleyn.{{more}}

Harry was the person who cut the roof of the car in which Soleyn and another passenger, Rawlton Ragguette, were trapped after an accident on Tuesday.

According to Harry, a boat builder by profession, he was doing repair work to a boat in the area where the accident occurred.

“I saw the vehicle coming around and saw when it turned over…

“When I got there, there were two of them, one (Rawlton Ragguette) was trying to come out, but I didn’t see the other (Sherman Soleyn) until someone told me.”

Harry explained that the frame of the vehicle was resting on Soleyn’s throat.

After realizing that Soleyn’s life was threatened, Harry said he asked persons who were on the scene to assist him in turning over the car.

“When the car was overturned, we pulled the frame of the door that was resting on his throat, so that he could breath.

“My clothes that I was working in still have all the blood on it because by the time I pulled away the frame, the blood that was in his throat, he coughed it up on me,” Harry said.

Harry said he then rushed back to where he had been working to get his Sawzall saw.

He explained that this was the tool he used to cut the roof of the car to set the men free.

“It took me less than a minute to saw off the area, because realizing the situation, this guy could have died if I didn’t act fast,” Harry added.

Soleyn and Ragguette are both still patients at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Police are carrying out investigations into the cause of the accident. (AA)