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PM Gonsalves celebrates 18 years as a Member of Parliament

PM Gonsalves celebrates 18 years as a Member of Parliament


Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves this week celebrated his 18th year as a member of Parliament.{{more}}

At the press conference held on Tuesday, February 21 at Cabinet Room, Dr. Gonsalves, decked out in a red shirt, and in a celebratory mood, used the opportunity to thank all who congratulated him on reaching the milestone.

On that day in 1994, he entered the Parliament of St. Vincent and the Grenadines on the side of the Opposition, under the leadership of Sir Vincent Beache who headed the Unity Labour Party (ULP).

The Prime Minister joked that he was in good company as one of the longest serving parliamentarians in the local parliament.

“Sir James is the longest serving ever, and then there is Sir Vincent after that; and then there is Milton Cato and then Ebenezer Joshua, and then I come somewhere there about.”

“Those are not bad names to be trailing, and I’m not finished yet.”

Dr. Gonsalves pointed out that it was not customary for him to be dressed in red while at the Prime Minister’s office, but he believed the significance of the occasion afforded him to be so attired on that day.”

“… because I am the Prime Minister of the whole country, and, therefore, red is seen as the symbol of the ULP, but I think that those who are opposed to me from a political standpoint could appreciate and understand I would be given the liberty today, of wearing my red shirt….”

Dr. Gonsalves acknowledged that former parliamentarian Sir Louis Straker also entered parliament on the same date. However, Sir Louis bowed out of the political arena in 2010.(JJ)