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Pamelus Burke Gov’t School holds reading extravaganza

Pamelus Burke Gov’t School holds reading extravaganza


The Pamelus Burke Government School at Byera celebrated its annual Reading Extravaganza Week from February 14 to 17, 2012, under the theme ‘Reading is Contagious, Catch it now’. It was designed to get young learners excited about reading.{{more}}

The week-long activities kicked off with a Request Programme on Valentine’s Day and featured view point stories, poems and verses composed and read by students. The following day, students’ creativity was captured in the hats and poster-making competition. The items were beautifully decorated and displayed the theme and slogans related to reading. Some of the hats were made from recycled cereal cartoons and crocus bags.

On Thursday morning, there was a sensitization march through the Byera community of students, staff and parents. The highlight of the march was to raise awareness of the importance of reading. In the afternoon, there was a reading comprehension competition among the different grade levels in the school. This competition was judged by Albena Jack and Joycelyn Browne of the Curriculum Unit of the MOE, and a retired teacher, Mrs. Porter. They commented on the standard of the competition and gave suggestions for improvement.

The week’s activities climaxed on Friday with a Reading Extravaganza showcasing dramatization, poetry, choral speeches, and stories, among others. Remarks were made by Hannah Browne of the Ministry of Education, Headteacher Wane Dabriel and Literacy Coordinator Valda Daniel. Their focus was on the importance of learning to read, and they implored the students to read in order to succeed in their school work.

The students will be officially rewarded with gifts and certificates for outstanding performances in the various reading competitions.