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Local musicians look at minimum rate of payment


Musicians in St Vincent and the Grenadines are working toward the establishment of standardised minimum rates of payment which they should receive when they perform here.{{more}}

This was among the matters discussed when stakeholders in the local music industry met here on Saturday.

The musicians believe that the implementation of these rates will help to bring greater recognition to them and respect for the services that they provide.

They have observed that while organisers of events here are willing to pay the rates charged by musicians from overseas, they are reluctant to do the same for Vincentians. They also find it unacceptable that musicians, especially young artistes, are sometimes asked to provide their services for free with the reasoning that promoters are providing these artistes with “exposure”.

Several suggestions for minimum rates were proposed which will form the basis for further consultations the SVG Association of Music Professionals (SVG AMP) will hold with stakeholders in the music industry and others.

Participants at the meeting agreed that “capacity building” will help artistes to develop the highest level of professionalism required of them and have identified several sources which will be approached for assistance in this regard.

Last Saturday’s meeting, which took place at Frenches House, was jointly organised by the SVG Association of Music Professionals (SVG AMP) and the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation for Music Rights (ECCO) Inc.

Among the presenters were Cultural Officer Anthony Theobalds, the Vincentian representative on ECCO’s Board of Directors Joffre Venner, President of SVG AMP Bomani Charles, and Project Manager of the EPA Implementation Unit Okolo John-Patrick.

John-Patrick will make a special presentation on the EPA to stakeholders in the music industry at a forum scheduled for February 29.