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Adelphi Young Leaders begin “green school” and “green community projects”

Adelphi Young Leaders begin “green school” and “green community projects”


The Adelphi Young Leaders are putting rubber tyres to good use in an effort to protect the Earth.{{more}}

The team of 37 students, guided by teacher Dermaine Owens have started their “green school’ and “green community” projects. These projects are aimed at reducing the emission of green house gases and decreasing the rate of global warming.

One project includes the recycling of 1000 tyers, which would be used to plant trees and flowers. The young leaders have already put their hands to the dirt, beautifying a bank at the entrance of the Biabou community with plants in some of these 1000 tyers.

The tyers, according to teacher Dermaine Owens, were solicited from tyre shops in the area and as far as Arnos Vale. The 1000 tyers would have otherwise been burnt at Rabacca, releasing green house gases in the atmosphere, Owens said.

The young leaders have also embarked on a plastic bottle recycling project where empty soda bottles such as Busta, Fruta and Chubby will be collected and recycled. The leaders are also using farm waste to make compost. This compost will be used for agriculture and the farmers in the area are being encouraged by the Young Leaders to set up their own compost piles.

The Adelphi Young Leaders are operating under the theme “Going Green – inspiring the community to protect the Earth.”(OS)