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‘Shattered Dreams’ – A historical trip down memory lane, available at Jujube Bookstore

‘Shattered Dreams’  – A historical trip down memory lane, available at Jujube Bookstore


Former St Lucian Parliamentarian Peter Josie last week made a stop here in St Vincent, to promote his literary efforts.{{more}}

Josie, who at one time was the Deputy Prime Minister of St Lucia, unveiled his book Shattered Dreams, a 450-page historical trip down memory lane, in which he took a look at the ups and downs of political activism, and the personalities and events that shaped the emergence of the island of St Lucia up to 1997.

“I have been in the politics of St Lucia for over twenty years, and so this is the memoir I would like to leave…. It is a politically odyssey in the post-independence era in St Lucia,” Josie explained, as he spoke to the media on Friday, February 17, at Jujube Bookstore in Kingstown.

A former Minister of Agriculture, Josie was also here for a meeting of Vincy Fresh. He said the group had talks with a number of local farmers, and indicated that they were involved in talks of diversification, and to discuss the introduction of products for Vincy Fresh.

“Anything produced in the Caribbean can be sold in England. What we are trying to do is technically offer an incentive to the farmers who are no longer efficient producers and sellers of bananas; to give them a package to get out of the banana crop and give them an incentive to do something else.

“We cannot continue as we are, because the world will hold us back”, the agronomist said.

Josie pointed out that he hopes to be back at Jujube bookstore on March 2, where he will be having a book signing, and will sell his publication at a reduced price.

The book is published by the Star Publishing Company in St Lucia.