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MACOM and Microsoft form partnership to help education development

MACOM and Microsoft form partnership to help education development


Many benefits are expected to be derived from the newly launched partnership between Vincentian company MAVCOM and software giant Microsoft.{{more}}

This was expressed by officials of Microsoft and MAVCOM who were present at the ceremony to launch the partnership. The ceremony took place on Thursday, February 16, 2012 at the National Insurance Services (NIS) Conference Room.

Shamila Ramcharan, Marketing Manager at Microsoft Trinidad, describing Microsoft’s contribution to education and underprivileged communities, stated that Microsoft, along with MAVCOM have pledged their support to assist with the deployment of laptops for students in the One Laptop per Child initiative, initiated by Government.

Also speaking of Microsoft’s support in education across the Caribbean, Ramcharan stated that Microsoft is continually using technology to transform classrooms. Ramacharan added that through their Partners in Learning programme, present in several Caribbean countries including St Vincent and the Grenadines, training and development is offered to educators. Programmes are also offered which demonstrate to teachers how technology can be used as a method of delivery in classrooms. Through this programme, Microsoft also offers an 80 per cent discount on software material to educators.

Ramcharan further stated that Microsoft works closely with government and communities and Non-Governmental Organizations to provide training to underprivileged parts of countries, in order that individuals can have opportunities for advancement.

Also expressing his support to the Partnership, Nicolas Whiskey of Caribbean Tech Trendz Ltd. stated that the advances in Education and Government in St Vincent and the Grenadines through Technology are inspiring. He further stated that he is happy to have made an alliance with MAVCOM.

“We know it will be a long and happy friendship,” he stated.

Paul Morris, Managing Director of MAVCOM, making remarks, stated that ICT skills in St Vincent and the Grenadines must be developed in order to move the country forward. Morris added that MAVCOM will seize whatever opportunities possible to improve on ICT.

Morris, stating that in view of several realities such as the country’s vulnerability in the Tourism Sector and lack of any major natural resource, we can continue to harness human resource and capitalize on improving ICT skills of Vincentians.

He further stated that an IT company should not just be a problem solver.

“IT companies must be more than somewhere you call when you have a problem; we must be more than solution finders and help others to become innovators,” he stated.

Applauding the partnership between MAVCOM and Microsoft on behalf of the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Elvis Charles, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture, stated that the partnership comes at a critical time in the nation’s development and will complement the Education Revolution.

‘An expansion in IT will no doubt make this country more competitive and offer quality service regionally and internationally,” Charles noted, adding that ICT has reshaped the structure and delivery of education in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Charles added that the Government will welcome all other institutions who come on board in order to develop ICT in St Vincent and the Grenadines.