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C.C.A Limited hands over $10,027 to Hibiscus Garment Making Coop Society

C.C.A Limited hands over $10,027 to Hibiscus Garment Making Coop Society


The Hibiscus Garment Making Cooperative Society of Marriaqua received a monetary donation of $10,027 from C.C.A Limited in Canouan last Thursday, February 16.{{more}}

Helen Child, Public Relations Co-ordinator for C.C.A Ltd, as she made the presentation, announced that her company would be offering further assistance to the cooperative society by providing them with a market for their products.

The decision was taken to embrace the endeavour, following a meeting between Area Representative Girlyn Miguel and Elena Korach, General Manager of C.C.A Ltd, Child explained.

“Because we believe in the saying – give a man a fish, you feed him for a day but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. What the ladies of the Hibiscus Garment Making Cooperative Society are doing here is a clear indication of that adage,” she continued.

“As a Vincentian myself, I personally feel proud to see such enterprising minds seeking to make a difference in our country,” Child said, adding that there were many niches in the private sector that could be developed to assist in our overall economic well being.

The idea for the formation of the group came from Miguel with the idea of getting the women in the area who were recently trained in garment production, to begin making the community more self-sufficient in uniform production and to generate some income.

Apart from the special projects, the cooperative operates as a service to the community on a daily basis.

Standardized salaries are not paid, but rather done from daily jobs from the public, Monica Pole, President of the Hibiscus Garment Cooperative Society said.

“However my advice to the members is to do our best and wait for better days,” she said.

She said that she had been informed by Miguel that she would be preparing a letter requesting assistance.

“We are ever so grateful for such much needed assistance and promise that this will enhance the further development of this group,” Pole said.

Meanwhile, Miguel said that she too was pleased with the generosity displayed by C.C.A.

She said that she was given the opportunity to visit Canouan and saw firsthand some of the projects that the company (CCA) was already involved in.

“I thought that I would discuss the project and hope that with the assistance from CCA that the Hibiscus would be able to go a long way,” Miguel said.

She promised to keep looking for sponsors for the cooperative, so that the 12 persons who are already part of it can further develop themselves.