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Two up – Joslyn cops GECCU Employee of the Year award

Two up – Joslyn cops GECCU Employee of the Year award


For the second year running, Senior Loans Officer Julian Ivo Joslyn has copped the award for Employee of the Year, as the General Employees Cooperative Credit Union (GECCU) held its annual dinner and awards ceremony on the weekend.{{more}}

Joslyn, a multiple awardee on the night, appeared to be staff favorite to claim the title at the event, which took place at the Aquatic Club on Saturday, February 11.

Apart from 2011 Employee of the Year, a feat he accomplished in 2010, Joslyn was also awarded for his punctuality and attendance, and was given the nod as the Most Outstanding Senior Employee.

Described By GECCU Chief Executive Officer Lennox Bowman as a dynamic, dependable and self motivated individual, Joslyn was just one of the more than 20 staff members who were recognized for their service and contribution to the organization over the past year and beyond.

Also recognized on the night was Loans Officer Sara Commissiong, for 20 years of service to the institution.

Commissiong, who started at GECCU on November 1, 1991, and served as a cashier, payroll clerk, counselor and customer service clerk, also received a CEO’s award.

Kathlyn Parsons, a cashier in the Accounts Department, received an award for Most Outstanding Performer, Attendance and Punctuality and Most Outstanding Junior Employee. She was joined by Alicia Ashton- Doyle, Lydia Cain and Frances Thompson who received multiple awards.

Other Awardees include Junelto James, Leslie Joseph, Ariann Neverson, Noriesiah Shallow, Danny-Lee Francis, Theresa Douglas, Kyle Providence, Bernadette Culzac, Sonya Johnney, Charissa Pitt, Alison Guy, and Joanne Stowe-Powers.

Special recognition was also given to three of GECCU scholarship holders: Island Scholar Kenvert Cuffy, Cherrisia Commissiong and LaSonia Shallow.

Mention was made of 2012 being commemorated as International Year of the Cooperatives, and this country’s contribution to the milestone, including the fact that the song chosen to mark the occasion was written by Bowman, and recorded by local songbird Shaunelle McKenzie.

The song was performed by McKenzie at the dinner.