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Thomas Saunders launches 2012 Young Leaders campaign

Thomas Saunders launches 2012 Young Leaders campaign


The Thomas Saunders Secondary School officially launched its 2012 Young Leaders campaign last Friday, February 10.{{more}}

Working with the theme ‘preserving our present, working towards our future’, members of the group say that they will be looking to do better than their predecessors in 2011, despite the good effort that was put in last year.

This is the institution’s second year participating in the event, and according to Denice Warren, President of the group, they are anticipating a good showing this year.

“The feeling is that once we are motivated we will do well,” Warren said.

She continued saying that once the rest of the group members put their best foot forward, they will be able to pull off a good


Warren, however ,expressed her confidence that good things would come from the team.

The overall competition is focusing on the issue of climate change, and the group will embark on two projects.

The first being the distribution and planting of trees to various households throughout the country, and the second being the establishment of a solar powered netbook station at the school.

The first task, Warren explained, will be to raise funds to purchase the solar panels.

She said the idea came about as they saw the need for a venue where students will be able to recharge their netbooks which were donated by the government in an environmentally safe and energy saving manner.

“The idea came as we saw the need for a place where students will be able to charge their notebooks, particularly those who do not have electricity at home,” Warren said.