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Gonsalves: people will continue to contribute

Gonsalves: people will continue to contribute


Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves intends to continue soliciting resources for the construction of the international airport at Argyle, despite investigations into alleged misappropriation of funds by two employees on the project.{{more}}

Dr Gonsalves, speaking at Monday’s press conference at Cabinet Room, also said that he believes that persons interested in seeing the completion of the airport will continue to contribute to the project, which he indicated ‘is on course.’

“I don’t think potential investors going to say because there has been an incident of misappropriation of resources that they are not going to give money.”

“What they are interested in is that you have systems in place to make sure that anybody who does anything, that they get caught as we have seen here.

“….We are doing quite well with the airport. We see what is taking place. While all this is going on I’m still in search of funds….”

According to the Prime Minister, he was not, at the time, fully aware of all the details surrounding the incident, but was advised that the persons involved have admitted their involvement in misappropriation, and was confident that the matter will be competently addressed.

Last week, IADC Communications Officer Jennifer Richardson-Herbert said in a press statement, that $63,744 was defrauded from the company through the issuance of false invoices, for which payment in cheque was issued to the IADC.

Up to press time Wednesday, no one had been charged.