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D Kamp music group movie coming soon

D Kamp music group movie coming soon


Musical group D Kamp, which was formed two years ago, has been doing exceptionally well.{{more}}

That’s the view of group leader Colville ‘Shady’ Layne.

Layne told SEARCHLIGHT that since coming into existence, the group has been releasing songs and music videos on a consistent basis.

“We try to come up with innovative methods to add to our music. We were not the first to do music videos here, but we were the first to do more than two.

“Every artiste in D Kamp has a music video, and they play on the local television stations, IK TV and SVG TV.

“It has been a rather successful two years for us since we came on stream, and I can’t really complain about the support we have been getting, and it can only get better.”

The group also has international following in Europe, Germany, Canada, and parts of the United States.

“Every year, we go to places like Canada to do a few shows…” he said.

Layne also noted that local fans also embrace D Kamp music.

Shady, as he is commonly known, also noted that the group also has a moderate number of Youtube and Facebook followers who log on to watch their music videos.

“D Kampier Way”, according to Shady, is the newest project for the group and this is the new album for 2012.

He explained that the new album will feature a number of other local artistes outside of the group.

“The objective of this new project is a D Kamp effort, but we decided to collaborate with a number of other local artistes in order to push our local acts to the outer regions,” he added.

To date, two tracks from the album have already been released. The two songs were recorded by Shady himself, entitled “These Streets” and “Wise words” by fellow D Kamp artiste, J Sly.

Music videos for the songs have also been released.

It was also disclosed that the group is currently filming a movie as part of the D Kampire Way album.

Shady explained that the group is now filming and scripts have already been completed, so by mid year, Vincentians can expect to see a locally produced movie.