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Community College student wins LIME Valentine Blackberry Bold

Community College student wins LIME Valentine Blackberry Bold


“My Sony Ericson W200 was getting old and tired and giving me trouble. My friends would laugh at me and ask when I am going to get an upgrade. I saw the promotion online and in the newspapers and I decided to try my luck. And look who is laughing now. I won a Blackberry Bold 9900. The latest!!”{{more}}

Those sentiments were expressed by 18-year-old Vinron Benjamin, second year student of the Community College and winner of the LIME Valentine promotion called ‘Love Pings’.

Vinron’s story is so typical of many customers who never trusted their luck because they think that they will never win anything. He talked about the peer pressure at school where more than eighty percent of the students at the college have either a Blackberry or iPhone. Coming from a middle class family and a budding computer technician, he felt left behind but never pressured his parents to invest in a Smartphone. But rather, he decided to try his luck and invested in the LIME Love Pings” promotion by sending ten text messages that gave him entry into the draw.

“You have to make your own luck and I feel vindicated now that I have in my hand a brand new Blackberry Bold 9900. I have a girl friend but she is not my ‘girlfriend’. So this Valentine, I am going to be selfish and to love myself first. This one is for me. I am going to organize data and I know that LIME’s service is the best in SVG. I want to say BIG thanks to LIME for coming up with another magnificent promotion,” said Vinron.

LIME ‘Love Ping’ valentine promotion started on January 15 and ended on February 13. LIME customers were asked to text ‘Love’ to short code 6263 to win a Blackberry Bold 9900 for just $1 per text.