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Vermont resident accepts government offer to relocate

Vermont resident accepts government  offer to relocate


Vermont resident Emrol John says he has accepted an offer by government to relocate, but he is still “skeptical” about the situation.{{more}}

“Although it was a verbal offer, I took it and now I am waiting to see what happens now,” John told SEARCHLIGHT on Sunday, during a visit to his home.

“I glad you all come today, because I ain’t too sure how they does operate. I was still looking for them to come this morning,” he added.

John, whose home is in the path of a new bridge to be constructed in Vermont, was given a deadline of Sunday, February 12 to move.

In last Friday’s edition of SEARCHLIGHT, John stated that he was not moving from his residence of 12 years, unless assistance from the government was provided.

However, on Wednesday, February 8, Transport and Works Minister Julian Francis, speaking on We FM’s Shake Up program, stated that John had been offered relocation assistance.

These offers, according to the Minister, include renting a home for the Vermont resident and his family for six months and financial compensation for his structure, following an evaluation of the property.

John, however, denied claims by the Transport and Works Minister that offers were made to assist with his relocation.

“Man, I will tell you again, they didn’t make any offers like that before.

“After I finish talking to you (SEARCHLIGHT) the Wednesday, they call me the Thursday and made the offer to rent for six months and evaluate the property where I live, so I can get the money to buy the other piece of land that was allocated.

“So I told them I would settle for that,” John said.

He further explained that he was told by an official that the proposal will be sent to Cabinet on Wednesday, before any final decisions are made on the matter.

“Well, now I have to wait again until Wednesday to see what they going to do.”

Efforts to obtain further information from government yesterday proved futile, as the Minister is out of state, while the Chief Engineer is on vacation.

It was, however, confirmed by an official at the Ministry of Transport and Works that John had indeed accepted the offer of having his rent paid for six months during the relocation and for the government to allocate a piece of land for John and his family to start a new home.(AA)