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SVGFF to launch Sports Against Crime Campaign

SVGFF to launch Sports Against Crime Campaign


SVGFF to launcThe St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) is taking a page from the Pan against Crime campaign.{{more}}

At a recent press briefing, the SVGFF disclosed that plans are in place to start a campaign dubbed “sports against crime.”

General Secretary for the SVGFF Earl Bennett explained that the intention of the Federation is to implement initiatives that can divert the nation’s youth from illegal activities.

“…We are strongly advocating the co-existence of pan against crime and sports against crime. They certainly can complement each other.

“And the more we can do to fight the ills of society to ensure that we provide holistic development for our youths…”

The General Secretary also commended the Pan against Crime organization for their efforts in helping to create a better environment for the youth of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“We each have to do our part. If we’re involved in sports, we use sports as a vehicle for the development of our youth and persons in pan, they have been doing a very good job,” Bennett said.

The General Secretary also noted that the Football Federation is “ready and raring to go and we are ready to lead the way and we are going contact the authorities about sports against crime.”

Meanwhile, on February 26, the Pan Against Crime initiative will celebrate its 4th year of existence.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, Chairperson of the Pan Against Crime Committee Godfred Pompey disclosed that the programme has had a successful four years since the launch of the initiative.

He also noted that there has been an increase in youth participation, and said the support from the corporate community has been overwhelming.

Pompey welcomed the sports against crime program, stating that he welcomes any initiative that can positively impact the nation’s youth.(AA)