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SVG looking to export agricultural goods to Venezuela


A trial container of agricultural goods is expected to be sent to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela soon, under the trading agreement with that country.{{more}}

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said that further arrangements will subsequently be made by the purchasers, who will be expected to visit this country where a final determination on volumes and prices will be made.

“But that is a work in progress and an opportunity for us to sell our agricultural produce to countries within ALBA arrangements,” the prime minister said during a press conference last Tuesday, February 7.

It was earlier announced by Gonsalves that a series of agricultural items were being identified, with the intent of selling this produce to Venezuela.

“Venezuela is a very important partner for the government with regard to trade and economic matters and we will be in 2012 doing even more serious work with Venezuela,” Gonsalves said in Parliament, shortly after announcing that this country would be setting up an embassy in that country.(DD)