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David Bonadie laid to rest

David Bonadie laid to rest


Many business houses in Kingstown closed their doors early last Thursday, as a mark of respect for the late David Bonadie, whose funeral service took place that afternoon at the Kingstown Methodist Church.{{more}}

Family, friends, members of the business sector, government officials, politicians and employees packed the church, to bid farewell to the noted businessman and proclaimed philanthropist.

Bonadie, who was the proprietor of Bonadie’s Supermarket Number 1, passed away on January 29, 2012 at the age of 63 years.

David was described by others as a friendly, humble individual, who put others before himself.

He was the first child born to businessman Vivian (deceased) and Eugene Bonadie; his siblings being Paula, Joan and Chris.

He was married to Anetha (formerly McMillan), and they were parents to one child, Alisha.

Bonadie had a brief foray into politics, and in 1984, he was appointed Senator and Deputy Speaker, under the New Democratic Party government of Sir James Mitchell.

In a tribute to Bonadie, friend Dane Hamilton QC described him as having an ‘enduring, gentle humility existing within him”.

“…David was an intense competitor in every aspect of his life, personal and professional…. While most people just dream of how they would like things to be, David took action to make his dream a reality…. Remarkably this giant of an entrepreneur and business leader, who scaled the heights of business and politics, never felt it necessary to trumpet his own accomplishments. There was no chest thumping or airs of grandiosity,” Anthony Seales, David’s friend, wrote in a tribute.

Persons in attendance at the funeral were also reminded of the inevitability of death and that they should prepare themselves for that day and thereafter. Referring to Hebrews 9:27, Reverend Adrian Odle emphasized that man, no matter his position or spiritual or physical condition, must die.

Stating that death is seen as an appointment, Reverend Odle questioned how we as mortals prepare to meet our Saviour. He urged the congregation to prepare for this time when they will meet their Saviour, and noted that the only way to guarantee a life after death with Christ is to accept him as Lord and Saviour, while you are living.

The funeral service also saw songs rendered by employees of the Bonadie supermarkets and a special item by the Kingstown Methodist Church Choir.

David Bonadie was laid to rest at the Kingstown Cemetery.