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Bonadie’s home burglarized on the day of his funeral


While relatives and friends were saying their final goodbyes to the late David Bonadie at his funeral, his home was being burglarized.{{more}}

Bonadie’s widow Anetha confirmed with SEARCHLIGHT on Friday, February 10, 2012, that the family’s home was broken into the day before, while Bonadie was being laid to rest.

According to Anetha, a laptop, a netbook, two cameras, two cell phones and an iPad with headphones were removed from the house.

Anetha said after leaving the Kingstown cemetery, she and her daughter Alisha were at the home of a close family friend when her daughter received a call from her (Anetha’s) brother, who had gone back to the house after the funeral, informing them that the house had been burglarized.

Anetha said her brother, who had come home from the United States for the funeral and is staying with her at the house, noticed that the door to her bedroom had been damaged.

After further investigation, it was discovered that several electronic items were missing. (OS)