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PM: Talk to your representatives

PM: Talk to your representatives


Constituents need to talk to their representatives and let them make representations on their behalf.{{more}}

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves made the point at a press briefing last Tuesday, and contended that while the majority of the representations would have to come to him as the prime minister and minister of finance, there were some opposition figures who do not want to ask for things.

“They don’t want to ask,” the Prime Minister said.

He spoke of the advice given to him by a constituent after being elected back in 1994, that he ought to “beg.”

“I don’t say beg, ask. Make representation,” Gonsalves contended.

According to the prime minister, it does not make sense to come to Parliament with 15 or 20 items, knowing that the requests cannot be responded to immediately.

“But there may be five things that you might get done. Talk to me. Tell me,” he said.

“Like for instance, the lights, like for instance the police station – some laptops, making sure the street is cleaned or the garbage is picked up, that medicine is in the hospital, but not to use it in your belief that you have to make some grand charge and score some political points,” Gonsalves continued.

According to the prime minister, during his time as Opposition Leader, he made time to contact various ministers, sometimes waiting lengthy periods before seeing them, in order that the requests of the people were addressed.

He added that parliamentary representatives needed to exercise humility and not say that they are too big to be scolded.(DD)