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21 new street lights put in at Ottley Hall

21 new street lights put in at Ottley Hall


Some residents of Ottley Hall are expressing their gratitude for the installation of twenty-one street lights in the area.{{more}}

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves announced during a press briefing on Tuesday, February 7, that VINLEC had completed the installation of some additional street lights as had been requested by members of that community during a recent visit he paid there.

One resident told SEARCHLIGHT that she was thankful for the streetlights because if an emergency arose and people had to transport their sick without proper lighting it just made things worse.

“I feel so much better, because I can walk much later and actually see where I putting my foot and I don’t have to sprain my foot or fall down,” she said.

Residents say that the street lights have now been placed throughout the community, including ‘Fire Hill’, ‘Cliff Hanger’ and the area above the public bath, commonly referred to as the Gaza.

“We real thankful. It should ah done do, but we thankful still,” she continued.

“I would like things to change, because not everybody over here have a gun in their house, and not everybody is a gangster. There are hardworking people here who carry the stigma.”

She contended that despite the negativity reported on the community, within recent times, she and the other residents would like people to know that the situation is improving.

“We heading there, it ain’t going take two weeks, it ain’t going take a month, but we going get there in the future,” the grateful resident said.

“We just want some good roads now,” she said.

Another resident also contended that some of the young men in the community were the ones responsible for the labeling of the community, but with the measures deployed recently, with the stationing of the mobile unit and the lights, she, too, is pleased with what is now taking place.

The prime minister, during the press briefing, also announced that he had spoken to personnel at the Roads, Building and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) and Minister of Transport and Works, Julian Francis on the issue of the road going over to Buddy Gutter.

“The ongoing questions of further training for people in Ottley Hall and for employment, we continue to work in the usual developmental manner,” Gonsalves said. (DD)