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SOL to resume gasoline delivery to north leeward

SOL to resume gasoline delivery to north leeward


The delivery of gasoline to the North Leeward area of St Vincent is expected to resume with immediate effect.{{more}}

This was confirmed by SOL local manager Steve Francis on Monday, February 6, following a meeting between the engineering team from his company, and that of the Roads, Bridges and General Services Authority (BRAGSA).

Francis told SEARCHLIGHT that coming out of that meeting, an agreement was reached between BRAGSA CEO Brian George and Julian Jackson, SOL engineer based in Barbados, that repair work done on a part of the Leeward Highway at Charles Village, over the weekend, was temporary and that both parties would continue to monitor the situation.

“Bearing that in mind, we will resume the supply, but the key thing is that it is temporary, and we will continue to monitor,” Francis said.

The portion of road along the North Leeward highway had been a source of contention since SOL suspended distribution of fuel to a service station in Chateaubelair, because of what Francis had called a deteriorating situation.

The condition of the road was deemed ‘moderately severe’ by Jackson, who inspected the road on January 6, 2012.

Jackson recommended that the road be rehabilitated before SOL resumed using it. Francis had said that this view was also shared by other engineers and safety advisors within the SOL Group.

George told SEARCHLIGHT in an interview last week that rehabilitative work was expected to begin.

According to George, once the material arrived on site it was going to require one day to close the trench and then resurface the road.

The issue has also led to legal action being taken against SOL by the operator of the gas station in Chateaubeliar, who is seeking compensation for over 5,000 gallons of gasoline, which she claims the defendent never delivered.

The woman is also suing SOL for punitive damages for what she calls SOL’s “callous and bullying tactics” towards her as she provides a necessary and all important service in a rural community.(DD)