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Majestic Xpress Mail: SVG’s newest mail forwarding service

Majestic Xpress Mail: SVG’s newest mail forwarding service


Majestic Xpress Mail Forwarding Service is the newest mail forwarding service in St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

On Monday, February 6, the family-owned operation, which offers mail forwarding from anywhere in the world, a convenient personal shopper, package consolidation and express shopping, opened its doors for business.

A short ceremony was held at the office, located on the corner of James and Upper Middle Street where owners Vincent and Patsy Walker, along with their children provided a brief overview of the business operations.

During the ceremony, the building, which houses the Majestic Xpress was also blessed by Pastor Errol Daniel.

Following the ceremony, Lauren Walker, son of Vincent and Patsy, explained that the business idea came about in April 2011.

“We kept frequent track of online shopping and we found it hard and expensive for us to ship packages here…

“We decided to open a business to provide service to Vincentians here,” Walker said.

It was further explained that persons may now shop online using the Majestic Express forwarding New York address, where their items will be delivered, then shipped to St Vincent.

“The prices are affordable and competitive …,” he added.

“The reason why our services are so affordable is because we own both businesses, here and in New York. Therefore, we can lower or increase our prices according to the market.”

Meanwhile, father Vincent Walker told SEARCHLIGHT that although there are other businesses that offer similar services, “we are offering something special.

“We are offering persons who shop online the opportunity to come in to our office for assistance with their online shopping.

“We have our warehouse in New York, so upon completion of shopping, the items are sent there, then shipped here the express way.”