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Fashion Week 2012 climaxes

Fashion Week 2012 climaxes


Cultural Officer Anthony Theobalds is of the view that when children put pencil to paper and draw, a window of opportunities opens for them in a number of careers.{{more}}

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT at the close of the the Ministry of Culture’s Fine Art, Film and Fashion Week 2012, held last Friday, January 27 at the Peace Memorial Hall, Theobalds said students can pursue a career in producing, design or fashion, with proper direction.

Theboalds explained that this year’s event focused mainly on ensuring that there was a presentation showcasing artwork from children in different schools around the country.

The five-day programme, which began in Bequia, also took place at schools in the rural areas.

The closing ceremony saw a number of drawings from primary school students on display. There were also a number of art pieces from some of St Vincent’s finest artists, including Owen Ralph, Bongo Joy, Tash, Curtis Robinson and Josette Norris.

Minister of Culture, Frederick Stephenson expressed his disappointment at the poor turnout, but noted that he was impressed with the work on display.

Stephenson said the Ministry of National Mobilization and Department of Culture is committed to the creative arts here in SVG. Stephenson said, “In today’s world, Art is something that can take people to many different places. “…It (Art) can create significant sums of money in today’s world,” Stephenson said.

The Culture minister says we have to ensure that we nurture children in the right way and give them the necessary tools, training, equipment and materials, which can equip them for future development.