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Well done, Dr Dennie!

Well done, Dr Dennie!


Dr Sharon Dennie, Senior Executive Officer at the Lands and Surveys Department within the Ministry of Housing, Informal Human Settlements, Lands and Surveys and Physical Planning, proceeded on pre-retirement leave on Tuesday, January 31, 2012,{{more}} following forty-two years of public service, including approximately thirteen years as a primary school teacher (1970-1983).

She moved to the civil service as a Clerk/Typist at the Magistrate’s Court on February 01, 1983.

Her civil service sojourn continued at the Treasury Department, the Public Health Department, the Police Headquarters, the then Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs, the Ministry of Health and the Environment, the then Ministry of Agriculture and Labour, then finally at the Ministry of Housing, Informal Human Settlements, Lands & Surveys and Physical Planning, where she served from December 01, 2006.

She sought opportunities throughout her tenure to upgrade her academic and professional qualifications. In this regard, she pursued studies leading to the award of the UWI Certificate in Public Administration (1998) and the Executive Diploma in Management, also from the UWI, in 2001.

She, however, took the decision to deepen her relationship with our Lord and Saviour and study his word more closely and pursued a programme of studies in Theology which led to the successful completion of a Certificate in 2002, a Diploma in 2005, the Bachelor of Arts degree in 2007, the Master of Arts degree in 2009, and the degree of Doctor of Theology in 2011, all via the distance mode.

Dr Dennie was feted and showered with much love by Minister Clayton Burgin, Permanent Secretary Luis de Shong, Chief Surveyor Adolphus Ollivierre, Senior Surveyor Ivo Providence and the entire staff during the Staff Christmas Lunch at the Methodist Church Hall on Tuesday, December 21, 2011.

Dr Dennie was considered as a polite, diligent, conscientious, willing worker, of quiet disposition, and who enjoyed a good working relationship with her co-workers.

Permanent Secretary Luis de Shong dubbed Dr Dennie as a “woman of substance, a lady whose sojourn in the civil service is about to come to an end after forty-two years of highly commendable service to the development of St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Hon. Clayton Burgin and the entire staff wish Dr Dennie well during her retirement.